This is Lyderia. It was created for Rikskonsertene, a state-funded cultural organisation in Norway. Their mission has been to expose school children to as much high-quality live music as possible. 

Rikskonsertene have been organising bi-annual concerts for every school in Norway since 1968. These concerts have been really successful, though Rikskonsertene had even higher ambitions: to maintain children’s interest in music all year long. To do that they realised they needed to actively engage Norwegian children with music in the digital channels they use all the time. 

Lyderia is the result of close collaboration between Creuna and Rikskonsertene. It is the world’s first ‘MMOMMG’, or ‘Massively Multiplayer Online Music Making Game’. Lyderia makes extensive use of the Web Audio API and only supports browsers that have support for this w3c standard.

Supported in Chrome, Firefox and Opera.